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Dell Kace

Dell Kace k1000

Through Metrix Solutions you can be assured that your network is stable and free of breaches or infections that could be detrimental to your system. KACE's KBOX scans and reports on known security vulnerabilities on nodes, enforces security policies, provides automatic remediation and if necessary quarantines affected nodes. KBOX allows businesses to consolidate resources, save time, realize cost savings and protect your network at the highest level.

  • Inventory
  • Software Distribution and Update
  • Patch Management
  • Remote Control
  • Reporting
  • Email and Broadcast Alerts
  • Scripting and Policy Creation/Enforcement
  • Security Policy Enforcement
  • User Self-Service Portal

Application Security

App DetectiveMetrix offers you the best application security with AppDetectiveâ„¢ for Oracle and AppDetectiveâ„¢ for MySQL. Each of these is a network-based vulnerability scanner that assesses the security strength of your network's database applications through penetration testing and security audits. With revolutionary security methods and an extensive knowledgebase of vulnerabilities, these products will locate, examine, report and fix any security holes or misconfigurations for you.