Products: Storage

Dell Equallogic

Dell Equallogic PS SeriesMetrix provides Equallogic's PS Series, a family of intelligent storage arrays founded on the premise of simplifying networked storage. The PS Series provides ample storage for business contitunity, disaster recovery and meeting governmental and industry compliance guidelines through the use of SAN (storage area network). The PS family consists of several configurations (storage options range from 1.0TB to 56.0TB using iSCSI interface) that are completely interoperable and upgradeable without disruption of application or data availability.

Dell Compellent

Dell Compellent Storage CenterDell Compellent enterprise storage solutions deliver efficient, innovative management in a scalable SAN architecture. Our award-winning solution is designed to allow organizations to cut the cost, time and risk of enterprise storage while rapidly responding to change in their business.

The Dell Compellent Storage Center SAN combines a powerful data movement engine, intelligent software and modular hardware that can help cut customer’s costs up to 80 percent. Compellent features multi-protocol support, resiliency against downtime and disaster and block-level intelligence that automatically places data on the right storage tier to optimize performance and maximize cost savings. In fact, Dell Compellent pioneered and patented automated tiered storage. Additionally, Dell Compellent hardware supports different server/host interfaces and drive technologies all within the same system allowing customers to scale on a single platform and add capabilities on-the-fly.